2013 – 2014: My projects and people

Appropriately I sit in a friend’s apartment in the Lower East Side distracted by another friend’s interjections as we listen to remixes and flip between stand-up, HBO, music videos and trailers on a screen projected 10 feet wide – a reflection of attention spans shrunken to childhood lengths.

I reflect on good times: amazing travel, interesting work and most importantly wonderful people. I reflect on challenges: a lack of focus, a less clear future, instability more generally (at 30!). A wonderful family continues to support me, first and last. They endow me with an education about values, skills and culture that I cherish more than any degree.

I now work in technology – in my mind unquestionably the most dynamic, liberating and productive field. But like law, custom software development allows me to dive into other fields: my partners Khurram, Josh and I are local startup experts and our company, Functional Imperative, now has a portfolio that includes substantial healthcare, legal and education work, including the founding of our latest venture Lighthouse Labs. I continue to work in access to medicines and this has lead to my latest initiative, leading the development of a proposed Global Education Platform.

Linking each of these endeavors is my ongoing desire to connect individuals and ideas, now primarily through technology and design. This opens up the potential for increased focus in 2014 on projects that tie together my interests and expertise.

Happy new year.


2013 – 2014: My projects and people

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